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About Simply Pure

We are a Denver edibles and cannabis cooking company. Our owner-operators are veterans of our great military and the first black entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry in Colorado. Simply Pure was established on July 1, 2010. We were the first cannabis edible company in the world that specialized in a healthy alternative to what was currently on the edibles market. We were the first to cook with whole bud and guarantee consistent dosing by having a complete staff of professional certified chefs working in a commercial kitchen. The result was creating gourmet sauces and confections that guaranteed purity and consistency and delicious. All of the Simply Pure products were 100% organic, vegan, and gluten free. Simply Pure’s goal will never change – we strive to inspire the evolution of cannabis through education, safe products, cooking and food. Our focus is to provide the most positive experience with cannabis, from flower to concentrates to cooking, and beyond. As ambassadors for the legalization of cannabis, we encourage everyone to get involved. The Colorado Cannabis Experience is now a force that has inspired the change we see all over the globe. We are proud to continue to be a part of that change. Come join us as we create new and exciting products, open new doors and change the world.

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