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Miss Mary Jane's Edibles is an orange county based bakery that specializes in gourmet edibles. We take pride in providing lab tested, safe and delicious edibles for patients in California. We believe that just because it's called medicine doesn't mean it should taste like medicine. OUR STORY I have been baking for most of my life. Trained in my grandmother’s kitchen in Texas, I learned the value of baking from scratch using fresh ingredients. I founded my own mainstream baking business nearly ten years ago, catering events throughout Southern California. When I met Mr. Mary Jane, he was working as a private military contractor, working alongside the brave men and women of the US Military. He struggled with the same issues, like PTSD, that our nation’s veterans face when they return home from overseas. Medicinal cannabis saved his life and enabled him to have a normal life. We have been passionate advocates of medicinal cannabis ever since; however, I did not begin baking edibles until my mother-in-law was diagnosed with advanced thyroid cancer. I baked my first batch of Brownie Crisps the day she went in for her first surgery and continued to provide her with medicated goodies throughout her treatment. With her support and encouragement, we made the decision to launch Miss Mary Jane’s Edibles. ​ Following four months of research, development and lab testing, we brought Miss Mary Jane’s Edibles to market in January 2015. Every item is hand-made in our certified kitchen using CO2 cannabis oil, extracted from top shelf indica/hybrid strains. We are passionate about creating products that are delicious, safe and consistent. We perform regular lab testing with SC Labs to ensure that the potency marked on our packaging is accurate, pesticide free and we deliver results that our patients can trust EVERY TIME. We strive to be an HONEST edibles company that also gives back to the community. We are proud to support Veterans at Tactical Patients and love meeting the patients who we have impacted through our work.


  • - We are proud to support and employ veterans
  • - Female-founded company

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