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About Medical Cannabis Clinic Australia

The Medical Cannabis Clinic Australia (MCCA) was founded as a trusted source for patients requiring the service of specialised physicians alongside their supported medical treatment. We provide patients the assistance in obtaining this medical support as well as providing the expert supervision needed for their ongoing health challenges. We specialise in providing pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis. There is no compromise when it comes to your health, and our cannabinoid medicine takes product integrity very seriously, supplying patients with complete Certificate of Analyses as evidence of our purity. With partner companies on the frontline of research and development, our aim is to treat and manage patient symptoms and diseases with compassion and excellence. We are aware of the uncertainty associated with medical cannabis treatments within Australian and assure our patients of our commitment to our duty of care and legally informed script management. We are also compassionate to those who have a genuine medical necessity for medical cannabis. For many illnesses, it is the only medicine that grants relief, in comparison to traditional drugs that carry with them a multitude of side effects.


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