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Sara M. Gaborik is a Richmond criminal lawyer who handles a wide range of criminal charges, including possession of marijuana. Sara M. Gaborik is an experienced and aggressive criminal lawyer with demonstrated success. If you are facing felony or misdemeanor charges, contact her now. Stop the anxiety and stress of facing your problems alone. Marijuana charges in Virginia can put you on the path to incarceration, fines, a suspended license, or other penalties. A conviction can have lasting impacts on your life long after the judge has handed down your verdict. You need a qualified attorney now who will fight every step of the way for you. Having the right lawyer by your side can help you survive your involvement with the criminal justice system with your life, future, and dignity intact. Let Sara Gaborik use her strength, toughness, energy, and experience as a criminal attorney to help you defend your rights and fight for an outcome you can live with. Possession of marijuana in violation of Virginia Code section 18.2-250.1 is classified as a misdemeanor but it still has serious ramifications. Although some states have legalized the use of marijuana, such use remains illegal in Virginia. Some judges consider marijuana to be just as dangerous as other illegal substances found on the streets. Although these other substances historically have been considered more dangerous, a recent study suggesting that even the casual use of marijuana causes physical changes to the human brain may provide some support for the position these tougher judges have taken. VIRGINIA COLLEGE STUDENTS Because marijuana possession is a misdemeanor, many think pleading guilty to a possession charge is the easiest route to resolving the matter and assume the consequences, if any, will be negligible. This is far from the truth, particularly for students seeking financial aid for college expenses. A possession conviction, even for marijuana, will make you ineligible for federal student loans. This is one of the most important reasons for consulting an attorney before doing anything that might assist law enforcement in securing a conviction. Ms. Gaborik can advise you whether your case can be challenged or if there are alternatives to a conviction available to you.

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