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Stamatakis & Thalji, P.L., is a leading consumer justice law firm located in the Tampa Bay area and throughout the State of Florida. Our attorneys are committed to consumers who have been arrested or wrongfully accused of Possession of Marijuana throughout the State of Florida. We are a full-service consumer justice law firm dedicated to fighting for your rights against unnecessary marijuana enforcement laws, big government, and overly zealous law enforcement. At our law firm you will deal with real lawyers who believe that most drug enforcement laws are unnecessary and provide society with no real benefit. Our lawyers are dedicated to making sure that your civil liberties are not trampled on. We are not just faces on an expensive color brochure telling you what you want to hear. We are real LAWYERS and believe in our jobs. Unlike other firms, Stamatakis & Thalji, P.L., have dedicated their entire practice to helping consumers without hurting their pocket book. While many lawyers claim they help consumers they are usually only interested in their own bottom line. Our firm is dedicated to fighting for consumer rights against unnecessary drug enforcement laws, big government and overly zealous law enforcement. Tax payers deserve better treatment from their government. We will fight for you. Call us today and we will help you. Our firm provides AGGRESSIVE and EXPERIENCED representation. Our lawyers are highly trained and aggressive professionals ready to fight for your rights, even if that means going to trial. Consultations are always FREE.

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