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Weed The People: What Is It About And What Is The Back Story?



The truth is that no matter if you are a recreational marijuana user or not, you probably already heard about the benefits of using cannabis to treat certain health conditions. It's probably nothing new to you that many people take the change of getting caught buying marijuana just because they want to use it as medicine. Some are even charged with a felony in the states where the cannabis consumption has not been legalized yet.


While we all know this, it seems that we have been missing seeing the stories of real people who are having serious health conditions and are doing everything they can to get better, including using marijuana. And there is nothing more touching than seeing babies and young children passing by all this terrible situation. And this is exactly what you will see on Weed The People, a film by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein.


Simply put, Weed The People is a documentary about treating children with cancer with cannabis.


When parents are told that their children have cancer, they just want to make sure they are doing everything they can to make them better. However, when there are no positive results after multiple chemo sessions, parents start wondering if there is something more than the traditional medicine to help their little ones. And this is when they come into contact with marijuana and their medical benefits helping treating cancer.


During the documentary, you will be able to listen to the story of Baby Sophie who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor back in July 2013. At the time, Baby Sophie was only 7 months and the doctors prescribed chemotherapy. Not happy with what the doctors said, Sophie's mom started to look for alternatives and she started giving medicinal cannabis oil to her baby. The high doses of CBD and THC along with chemo allowed Sophie to get better.


You will also take the chance to meet Chico Ryder, a young kid who was fighting an aggressive and rare cancer at the hospital. His mom, Angela, also decided that she needed to do something more for her son and she started to give Chico cannabis oil through his G-tube. While doctors told her not to do it and to get rid of it, Angela persisted and Chico started to recover. The doctors were so surprised with the results that they want to make a clinical trial with cannabis oils right there in their hospital.


The last story that you will see is about Mara Gordon and everything she does on a daily basis to ensure that everyone has the highest quality medical cannabis no matter where they are. After experiencing the great effects of the medicinal cannabis herself, Mara decided it was time to help others as well. So, she founded Aunt Zelda's Oil where she has multiple cannabis oils. However, the demand has been increasing so much that she just doesn't have enough CBD strains to supply all her patients.


Ultimately, Weed The People is a wakeup call to people who don't believe in the positive effects of medicinal cannabis. With this documentary, however, they are more likely to change their positions.