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Tips To Use Cannabis The Right Way: Part 1


Numbers show that 52% of Americans ages 18 and higher have used cannabis at some point in their lives. Figures could be even higher considering that many people still feel the need to hide their stash. A vast majority of people smoke marijuana, but there are many other ways to use it. In this 2 part post, you’re going to learn more about cannabis use and 10 tips to do so.

Benefits of marijuana use

Cannabis isn’t just for smoking, this plant is versatile and one can use it in many ways. Before you find out how to use cannabis, it is important to address some of its health benefits. For example, cannabis seeds are highly nutritious with high levels of iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. In addition, they are an abundant source of protein, promote heart health, balance blood sugar levels, and regulate blood pressure.

Besides seeds, one can also obtain benefits from edibles. Marijuana leaves used for this purpose are rich in vitamins C, K, E, folate, and minerals like calcium. All these nutrients are important for proper functioning of your body. Edibles are high in fiber, which can suppress your appetite and manage your weight.

Now that you know some important benefits of marijuana, here are different ways to use it.

  1. Tea

One of the easiest ways to consume cannabis without, actually, smoking it is to make a cup of tea. This is a perfect way to relax after a long, exhausting day at work. Like cannabis itself, the tea infused with this plant is versatile and one can prepare it in many ways. If you want to drink cannabis tea without the psychoactive effects, you can do so by crushing and grinding half a gram of cannabis stems, leaves, or buds and pour boiled water over them, let steep for five minutes. Other ways to make cannabis tea are found here. The effects occur within 30 to 90 minutes and they last for six to eight hours.

  1. Tinctures

The tincture is a liquid extract made from herbs, such as cannabis, and consumed orally. It is extracted in alcohol and has a high absorption rate thus allowing you to experience maximum effects. Medical marijuana is very commonly used as tinctures because they can be easily added to your tea or any other drink. If you don’t really like the taste of cannabis tincture, then you might benefit from cannabis-infused honey tincture in your tea or coffee. Tinctures start working within one to three minutes and their effects last for one to three hours.

  1. Topicals and creams

Topical and creams are cannabis-based products used for skin, muscle, and joint problems. Studies show that transdermal cannabidiol alleviates inflammation and pain associated with arthritis. Unlike other types of cannabis products, topical items like creams and salves don’t produce the high, they exhibit therapeutic benefits. Not only can they relieve pain and inflammation in your joints and muscles, but also they improve skin elasticity thus rejuvenating it at the same time. The effects start 15 to 30 minutes after applying the cream or salve.

  1. Edibles

Marijuana edible is a term that refers to cannabis-infused brownies, gummy bears, and other items. These products are not only used by people who use marijuana recreationally but those who use it for medicinal purposes. A little-known fact is that cannabis edibles provide long-lasting relief and support to patients with chronic conditions. Nowadays, you can easily find and order edibles online or you can make them by yourself. For instance, you can pick up eggs, unsalted butter, vanilla extract, sugar, baking powder, flour, and salt and combine with cannabis to bake cookies. The effects occur 30 to 90 minutes after ingestion and last six to eight hours.

Stay tuned for part 2 on Tips To Use Cannabis The Right Way. You will find part 2 in the same place here on Herban Planet. We will see you soon.


By Crystal M. Wilson