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The Six Best Gifts For Your Cannabis Friend

Winter is here, and it’s the best time of the year to spread Christmas cheer!

Some of the great things this season are the Holiday parties, yummy food and for most, this time of year grants a few days off. But for the general stoner the holidays mean more time to relax and gather up the buddies for a nice winter smoke session. Spice it up this year with a 420-friendly gift exchange. Below we’ve detailed some stoner gifts your smoke buddies are sure to enjoy:

1. Their Favorite Strain Or Cannabis Product

While it may seem a too obvious, sometimes the best gift is something you know they’ll love. Ask your buddy what their favorite strain is from the dispensary, or even narrow it down to Sativas, Indicas or Hybrids. With this information you’ll be able to visit you favorite dispensary and pick the perfect product for you friend.

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2. CBD Products

As you may already know, CBD is the non-psychoactive component in Cannabis. While it doesn’t give you the ‘high’, CBD is actually very good for you. It helps with relaxing, pain relief, and many other daily issues. Some even suggest pairing your CBD with small amounts of THC to give a more euphoric experience. If you or you friend haven’t tried CBD, give it a chance this holiday season. You’ll be surprised by the immense amount of CBD infused products that you can use daily.

Topicals - These are usually CBD infused Balms, Lotions, and some even have beauty items like Bath Bombs. Topicals help greatly with instant pain relief as well as inflammation.

Edibles - While these aren’t like the normal Edibles stoners may eat, there’s still much value in enjoying CBD munchies. Just like what you’d find at your local dispensary, CBD edibles actually have a vast market for consumables. Ranging from Gummies to Drinks, CBD is legal across the USA making this a perfect gift for those buddies who are out of town.

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Photo by L'Evated Box

3. Stash Box

Enhance your friends smoking experience with the perfect stash box. They’ll finally have everything they need in one place. No more scrambling around looking for the filters, or trying to find the dab tool. Boxes like @Levated_Products are a great edition to smoke sessions and even traveling.

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4. Glass

You can pretty much go to any smoke shop and pick out a glass piece from a wide range of items. But we’ve detailed here 4 basic styles of glass that’ll help with the process:

Beginner Bong - If your friend has just started indulging in cannabis but isn’t quite a daily smoker maybe consider a simple glass piece. Basic beakers and tubes are a great recommendations for someone who’s just starting the cannabis lifestyle.

$29.99 |


Expert Bong - Does your friend need a dope piece to add to their collection? Get them an upgraded bong. Maybe made by their favorite glass artist or style type.

$100.00 |


Beginner Dabber - Are they interested in Dabs but just don’t know where to start? Get them a basic set-up, but make sure to include the torch!

$38.99 |


Expert Dabber - When your friend is a daily dabber this is the category for them. Some call it Heady Glass or High End Glass, but mostly this glass is for the expert dabbers. For the people who glob daily, make sure to check out these pieces.

$279.99 |



5. Vaporizer

Does your friend like to keep their smoking discrete? Perhaps they live with family or somewhere where casual cannabis smoking is prohibited. Vaporizers are the perfect choice for individuals wanting to keep their cannabis consumption unnoticed. There are many different types but we’ve detailed a few below:

Puffco Peak - So this one is mainly for the dabbers. While Puffco does offer a large cloud, this Vaporizer is mainly prefered when on-the-go or at an 420 event. There are many glass artist who have made special pieces to fit the vaporizer body as well.

$379.99 |


Volcano - This is great gift for the friends who smoke at home but don’t enjoy the hot boxed room feeling. The Volcano offers a easy-to-use platform and helps remove any harmful smoke that comes with cannabis flower consumption.

Staring at $479.00 |


Clout Ozzi Magnum - Clout Product’s Ozzi Magnum is a perfect vape for the daily dabber. It has a range of temperatures as well as multiple coils to ensure a clean hit every time. Highly recommended for professionals or students on-the-go needing a quick hit.

$84.99 |


Megatokes - Great for smoking flower and seshing at home. The megatoke can be paired with a glass piece or smoked separately. It offers a large cloudy smoke with a variety of burning temperatures.

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Photo by Cannabox

6. Subscription Boxes

These are great for those friends who always forget to buy new smoking accessories. Many 420 subscription box companies offer monthly subscriptions so it’s a great way to get them interested in some new products or gear.

Cannabox - This company releases new themed boxes monthly that revolve around different pop culture icons and characters. December’s theme happens to be Stranger Sessions featuring 420 items from Stranger Things, Super Smash Bros and Xmen.

Starting at $26.83/month |

The Holidays are the perfect time to give back and just enjoy the festive times. We hope this stoner guide helped you. Happy Gifting!

By: Natalya Upshur