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The Hype Behind Cannabis

Notoriously, cannabis has been in high thought around the country. While many states have medically cannabis as an option, some have taken a step towards offering cannabis for not only medical patients but for adults as well. Recently, California legalized in 2016 thru their Recreational Adult-Use Proposition 64, leading way for states across the nation. With eight states stepping towards legalization in 2016, the growing industry made more than $6.8 billion dollars in total marijuana sales that same year. While these are very huge topics for the industry, there are many other reasons people are excited to jump into the community. But you may ask, what's all this Hype around Cannabis?

While the nation races towards legalization, many individuals have been directed towards the vast and diverse community surrounding the medicinal plant. Usually consumed in the privacy of their own homes, some consumers have found a way to socialize and interact with fellow cannabis enthusiast, often called local cannabis events or 'sesh' gatherings. Thru these events, individuals have the opportunity to share a nice puff together usually paired with some entertainment, such as a concert, art gathering or even yoga. Such events provides not only patients the chance to connect with fellow-cannabis consumers but also, provides brands and businesses the tools to engage with their audience face-to-face.

While cannabis provides patients the opportunity to relieve their pain, this herb also offers many non-patients the chance to connect with an ever-growing culture. Known for it's extensive cannabis culture, California has been recognized as a mecca for high-attendance cannabis expositions and community events. Ranging from the High Times: Cannabis Cup to The Emerald Cup, many west-coast consumers attend these events in search for top-quality products and opportunities to interact with community celebrities. These events are key for allowing the industry to communicate and share relations, one of the main reasons why California continues to inspire connectivity within the community.

While community events are one reason that drives consumers to the cannabis culture another very prominent director is the need for a more regulated and safe industry. With cannabis still being very notable within the black market, many times consumers have the option to get their medicine from a licensed facility such as a dispensary or an off-the-market source. One huge problem with an unlicensed source is the lack of regulation and safety it provides for the user. Most often, dispensaries provide testing results for their products as well as a safe location to get their medicine, usually with a security guard on site versus the off-market option which most often had non-tested products and usually solicited in un-safe conditions. For any casual cannabis consumer, having a regulated source for cannabis is often times more desirable and preferred when purchasing marijuana.

While the cannabis industry is still blossoming, it's key to understand the need for a more connected industry and regulated sources for marijuana. Notably, the need for a distinguished cannabis community is flourishing, and we, the consumers, get to watch it all happen, the right way.


by Natalya Upshur