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Crystal Wilson

Medical Marijuana vs Opioid Epidemic

If the pain you feel is a chronic issue, it is only understandable that you are looking for relief. It is why many people resort to taking opioids. We are seeing an increase in the number of people taking these medications even though physicians are trying not to prescribe them as often as earlier. 

When your doctor refuses to offer you a solution, they might think they made a good move in trying to stop the obvious opioid epidemic. The problem is that people are left with pain that has not been treated properly, which is why they start looking for an alternative solution. One of the potential options is using cannabis for pain relief, but can marijuana solve the opioid crisis that we see these days?


Why Marijuana Is a Safe Alternative to Opioids

The important thing to mention is what many experts agree on – cannabis is not a drug, but a plant that can have multiple positive benefits on human health. It is because it contains hundreds of different cannabinoids, including CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which can be pretty effective when it comes to pain relief. 

The way cannabinoids work is that they communicate with our endocannabinoid receptors and modify neurotransmitters in the brain. The effectiveness of cannabis relies on many factors, including the species you use, as well as the concentration of CBD and THC. It is vital to mention that THC might have psychoactive properties while CBD is free of any psychoactive effect.

Apart from obtaining medical cannabis, many people resort to marijuana cultivation to experience the plant’s benefits. By cultivating the herb on your own, you can be certain in its quality on purity. However, there are quite a few factors to consider to ensure adequate quality, including but not limited to storage and processing methods. 


Does Marijuana Have Psychoactive Properties?

The plant has a single cannabinoid that has psychoactive properties. It is THC, but the crucial thing to mention is that it is only one of at least 113 cannabinoids present in marijuana. The psychoactive characteristics of cannabis depend on the ratio between THC and CBD. As expected, the higher concentration of THC, the higher the psychoactive properties of the herb.

However, a low quantity of THC and generous concentration of CBD can provide pain relief and relaxation without getting you “stoned.” It is the ideal combination you should look for, but keep in mind the market is not completely regulated. Conventional drugs must follow the FDA’s regulations, but the manufacturers of cannabis don’t. It is why it is not easy to find a reliable distributor that maintains quality across its products.

You should always look for cannabis of the highest quality. If you are looking for a potent variant of marijuana, shatter concentrate should be the way to go. You will be getting a strong concentration of helpful compounds that can help with your problem. A lot of marijuana products are present in the market. You can buy CBD oil, edibles like CBD gummy bears, and a lot of the other products from the best CBD website that can be really beneficial for your health and wellness. 


Can Marijuana Provide Pain Relief?

In the time of the opioid crisis, many experts believe that marijuana is the solution, especially since we are seeing the plant being used for medical purposes more often. Numerous scientists and professionals agree that marijuana can be an alternative treatment not only for pain but also for movement issues and epilepsy. 

The evidence that making cannabis legal can lower the need for prescribed pain medications is mixed. If you analyze the states where marijuana is legal, it seems that the use of opioids has decreased. You can find many studies confirming that Medicare users are not using opioids as often as before, and some indicate that the use has decreased by over 15%. 

The reason why people resort to using marijuana seeds is that it can provide effective pain relief regardless of its cause. That is why it is used by people with chronic pain, including one caused by migraines or arthritis. The athletes often include marijuana in their muscle building regime, too. They might order steroids online, but it is cannabis that contributes to reducing muscle pain during the recovery process.

The best thing about marijuana is that it can be effective for various pain types. However, the results may depend on the pain you feel, but they also vary from one user to another. Each human body is unique, and people may need different dosages to experience relief. It is why you may need to invest a bit of time and effort to find the right dose for your condition.


Are There any Risks Regarding Use of Marijuana for Pain Relief?

We already know that opioid drugs can cause addiction, but their long-term effectiveness is questionable, too. Your body may develop resistance, which may reduce the relief you feel when taking your medications.

That is not the case when using cannabis as it remains equally effective regardless of how long you are using it. Marijuana can reduce pain for about 30%, and it will deliver the same results first, and every other time you use it.

That being said, it is not that marijuana treatment doesn’t come with some risks involved. The primary thing to consider is the mentioned THC: CBD ratio. The risk may increase if the concentration of either is higher than your body can handle, but there are ways how to find the right quantity for safe and effective therapy.

Additionally, we have witnessed several cases of substance abuse, although it is not as often as in opioid drugs. Some statistics indicate that less than 9% of cannabis users develop an addiction to using the herb. The addiction shouldn’t be a threat as long as you are sticking to medical and professional advice regarding how to use marijuana. 



Medical marijuana seems to have proven not only as a safer, but equally or more efficient alternative to opioid drugs. It can deliver considerable pain relief regardless of the cause, and the human body doesn’t develop tolerance to it over time, which supports long-term effectiveness. There aren’t any risks involved while using marijuana,  which is why it may be one of the ways to go to resolve the opioid epidemic visible among the patients these days. 


By Crystal M. Wilson