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Marijuana Strains That Are Perfect for Sleep

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that some people suffer from its no breaking news the pain and nightmare this disorder can cause in one’s life. You are reading this article now for three reasons, you suffer from it too, you know someone who suffers from this or you just want to know about some Marijuana strains that are perfect for sleep. No matter where you belong, at the end of this article, you will find out which strains are great for battling insomnia. 

You know that feeling you get when you keep staring at the ceiling at night, to make matters worse the person sleeping beside keeps sleeping like “it ain’t my business”. In short, Insomnia is a terrible sleeping disorder, and the sad part is that many people close to people who suffer from this disorder think fixing the problem is very simple. Well, it's not. 

It is estimated that over 95% of people who suffer from this sleeping disorder rely heavily on some kind of medication to help them sleep. We’ve also learned that there some number of prescription sleep medications such as Ambien can be very addictive. 

How to fight this disorder by trying this Alternative – Cannabis 

If what you are looking for is a better way to get some sleep, trying out cannabis would be a great choice. It (cannabis) is known for its ability to put you to sleep. But it is important to note that strains aren’t made the same way, meaning these strains fight insomnia differently. Some are also more effective when it comes to treating sleep disorders compared to others. 

Picking up cannabis with the right blend and consumption at the right time will give you that perfect sleeping experience. Some cannabis strains are known to have a very unique chemical profile, a profile that is uniquely made to make you feel calm and relax and fall asleep faster. Here at herbanplanet, we’ve come up with some cannabis strains that can help you tackle your sleeping disorder efficiently.

Some Cannabis Strains That can help you sleep like a baby

  • Larry OG

This cannabis strain is a mixture of San Fernando Valley and OG Kush. This is one potent strain you can get out there, but the potency ends with the job it does (helping you fight Insomnia) but yet the gentle body high of this strain will help you relax. It is known for helping to relieve pain, depression, and anxiety. If you are looking for the right strain to help you wind down at the end of a long day, the Larry OG would be the right choice. 

  • Afghani CBD

This is one of the highest CBD strain out there that can help you relax, it is very therapeutic thanks to its high level of CBD. It is great at helping to reduce anxiety and yet give you that calming effect capable of making you fall asleep. This strain is also good for reducing chronic pain and easing muscle spasms, so, if you know someone suffering from Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis, the Afghan CBD would be a great choice. 

  • Grape Ape 

Never mind the name, this strain is an Indica cannabis strain that is known to produce what you will call a heavy high or crouch lock. The only but though is that its effect pops on slowly, funny though, like this but is the reason why it makes one fall asleep. The Grape Ape strain act as a sedative and relaxing, great for relieving anxiety. 

  • Hell’s Fire 

This is an Indica dominant hybrid, it’s a cross between the potent attributes of Crockett’s Confidential and Hell’s OG. This is one strain that provides a euphoric body buzz combined with a powerful head buzz. This strain is known to help relieve inflammation, depression, nausea, pain, stress and appetite loss. These are all ailments that can be treated by using the Hell’s fire. 

  • Bubba Kush 

This is one of the rare strains that are pure Indica with a little touch of THC content. The flavor is pretty sweet, with an earthy texture and a soothing touch of a citrus zing. You will find that this leaves you relaxed and also at ease. When consumed at night, it allows you to settle down, making you sleep off at the end. 

  • GG4

Before I explain this one, you will notice a pattern in all the strains that I’ve mentioned above, the terms “relaxed” or “anxiety”. The strains in this category aren’t just picked by name, they all have a way of relieving one of one’s anxiety and relaxed, the GG4 is no exception to this. It (GG4) provides a very potent wave of euphoric relaxation. All these with a balanced taste of sweetness coupled with a sour aroma, a smooth and earthy tones. 

  • Cheese

Not to be mistaken with the edible cheese, is named for its uniquely sour aroma. It is known to provide consistently a potent effect that helps to relieve pain, insomnia and as we’ve explained before, it also helps to relieve anxiety. 

  • Blue Power 

The Blue power is a very heavy indica dominated strain. It is known majorly for its fragrant flower. The taste makes it enjoyable, sweet flavor of lemon and berry. When consumed it leaves you in an uber-relaxed state. 

  • Kryptonite

This is a hybrid strain that’s a combined mixture of killer Queen and Mendocino Purps. Kryptonite has a very high level of THC, which sometimes can move up to 25%. An indica-dominant strain great for its sedating effect. A like the once we’ve mentioned before, it helps to reduce pain and anxiety while providing relaxation to help people fall asleep.