Marijuana and Celebrities

‘When the Bright Lights Fade’

March 30, 2017

‘When the Bright Lights Fade’... (more)

Marijuana Adovacte Sir Patrick Stewart

March 30, 2017

Marijuana Adovacte Sir Patrick Stewart   Who hasn't heard of Sir Patrick Stewart? The legendary actor is we... (more)

JFK and Marijuana Use

March 19, 2017

JFK and Marijuana Use Although there is a lot of evidence to support the use of marijuana for medicinal pur... (more)

Marijuana and Bob Marley

March 12, 2017

Marijuana and Bob Marley Bob Marley is recognized as the legend of Reggae music. He is one... (more)

American Presidents and Marijuana

March 10, 2017

 American Presidents ... (more)

Morgan Freeman and Marijuana

March 09, 2017

Morgan Freeman and Marijuana     ... (more)

Montel Williams & LenitivLabs

March 07, 2017

Montel Williams & LenitivLabs   Montel William... (more)