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Industry Spotlight: Weed Activists To Watch

The Green Rush is among us, and what a time to be alive! While cannabis and hemp are still controversial topics politically, many people across America and all over the world are finding new ways to indulge in the ganja high. With Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at the forefront popular bloggers, celebrities and daily stoners are all talking about one herb: Cannabis.

An Influencer or Weed Activist is someone who enjoys promoting or educating people on the recreational uses for cannabis. These people are usually Youtube stars or social media icons who have found a very direct niche market for their content and products. Having many outlets for sharing their creations most of these individuals are very new to the cannabis media marketplace, some only becoming popular within the past few years. On the front lines of the industry these individuals have helped shape the intricate culture, diverse lifestyle and what it means to be a ‘pothead’.

Here are some of the cannabis activist we’re keeping our eye on in 2019:

@Hip2TheCrop Photographer & Grower


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@Koala.Puffss Blogger & Promoter


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@BigMike Business Owner & Speaker


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@MacDizzle420 Blogger & Promoter


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@DanBilzerian Business Owner & Fitness Enthusiast


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@Angela_Mazzanti Model & Promoter


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@Karl_Kronic Photographer


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@SilencedHippie Model & Promoter


Over time marijuana has moved from being a very taboo and hateful drug into one that could save lives and help with many medical issues. Most cannabis influencers spend their day filming or writing about these topics, helping educate the general stoner public. For some that may be dabbing or making funny 420 related videos, connecting it all back to pop culture and the latest trends. While technology advances and cannabis stays in the light, people will continue to freely show how cannabis is just a harmless and innovative herb.

By: Natalya Upshur