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How to Sober Up from Weed

Cannabis is a wonderful drug both for medicine and for recreation. But like any drug, it’s possible to take too much. While there has never been a case of someone getting seriously ill or dying from cannabis due to an overdose, the feeling of being “too high” can be unpleasant.

Too much THC at once can make some people feel paranoid, anxious, or feel like they have heart palpitations. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with the sensations. The next time you misjudge how much you inhaled from your dry herb vaporizer, give one of these a try.

Stop Smoking and take some CBD

The old idea about the “hair of the dog” with alcohol and hangover will not work with cannabis. Taking more won’t bring you down! However, there is a component of cannabis, CBD, that does counteract the effects of THC. And thanks to CBD’s medical benefits it’s easy to find CBD oil in stores now. Fill up a vape pen with some and keep it on standby to chill you out if you get too high.

Eat Some Greasy Lemon Pepper Wings

Eating pulls blood from your brain and slow THC’s effects, but eating something greasy, lemony, and peppery will be even more effective. THC binds with fats and will bind up any free-floating THC in the body for slower release. Lemon and pepper have terpenes, flavor chemicals, that reduce stress and anxiety when smelled or eaten.

There’s nothing special about chicken. It’s just easy to find lemon pepper wings on menus to get a triple-hit of calming effects. You could also keep a bottle of a citrus essential oil nearby to sniff when you feel too high while you wait for delivery.

Use Water

Drinking water helps to flush most substances out. Emphasis on water! Don’t mix alcohol and cannabisDrinking water and maybe a little juice for electrolytes will help push the THC out of your body.

Speaking of water, you can also try taking a shower to get your blood pumping. Faster blood will push the THC out. You can use cold or hot water for this purpose. However, do not bathe! There’s always a possibility of drowning while on a psychoactive substance.


No cash for wings and you feel like the shower drain will eat you up? It’s time to distract yourself instead. Television, reading a book, or even a mild video game could help you take your mind off the high. Good friends can help you do that too, but be careful. People who don’t know you well or don’t know how to be around someone who is high could add to your anxiety.


Sleep is the greatest cure-all. Sleep will give your body time to process the THC while your brain is asleep so you won’t notice the effects. Try to keep your nap short or you may feel really groggy when you wake up from the aftereffects of sleeping while high. This is easier said than done because it’s easy to sleep longer than you want when you’re high.

Anti-anxiety Medication

Warning, this is ONLY for those who have a prescription for anti-anxiety medication! If you are already prone to anxiety and you feel anxious while high, take one dose of your medicine and wait. Benzodiazepines will cut the edge off the anxiety. But try some of the other remedies first; even when prescribed, mixing psychoactive drugs isn’t a good idea.

Meditate and Wait

Remember that no high is permanent. If you wait long enough the high will go away. While you’re waiting, you can try meditation to bring your mind away from the high and onto your breathing. Sit calmly and keep your attention on your abdomen as you breathe in and out. Try to breathe deep. If your mind wanders, just bring it back. Don’t worry about doing it well, just keep trying. The high will pass.

After your high has passed, check the THC dosage of what you took so you can avoid that much in the future. Remember, edibles take longer to kick in and hit much harder! But if you keep these tips with you, you’ll be able to enjoy your high without regrets.



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