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Hanukkah:  The Grav Menorah Bong 



If you are of the Jewish faith, you are very well aware that Menorahs are an important part of Hanukkah. David Daily, the founder of Grav Labs, wanting to take his family’s Hanukkah experience to the next level decided to design and produce a bong in the shape of a Menorah for he and his family to use during Hanukkah. David created this Menorah bong for personal use and had no intention of selling it.

When his friends at 420Science, an online market, learned of his exciting new creation, they asked him if they could promote it on their YouTube channel. The video went viral quicker than you can celebrate Hanukkah. The video that was released featured a bearded man lighting the eight balls of the Grav Menorah. All of the sudden, this religiously inspired cannabis consumption device was a huge success. The success was so grand David has capped the production of the Grav Menorah Bong.

As more and more states legalize the use of medical and recreational cannabis traditional holidays can be expanded to include a bit of the herb. Israel has legalized cannabis as well making Hanukkah a prime candidate to incorporate the cannabis into their changing traditions.

In the US Hanukkah has always seemed to take a backseat to Christmas during the holiday season. But now with the open-mindedness of some in the Jewish faith this could be changing. The Grav Menorah bong may have given Hanukkah a nudge into the mainstream with not only those practicing Judaism. After all, when you like to smoke marijuana, a creative apparatus like this special Menorah bong may supersede faith.

More and more Jewish artists and actors are also taking a huge role in the implementation of Hanukkah related to marijuana consumption. One of the most prominent examples is Adam Sandler.Since 2002, Adam has been updating his classic "The Chanukah Song" to include cannabis references. He always ends his performance by inviting all to "smoke your medical marijuanakkah" a term he has coined.

Jeremy Grant-Levine, also known as Germ, is a pipe maker based in Philadelphia. For several years, he was in contact with the Jewish community and this was when he first realized how many Jewish people like to smoke pot. So, he decided to start creating glass pipes that are based on Orthodox rabbi characters. This has been a hit, no pun intended, in the Jewish marijuana community.

The first line of glass pipes Germ did was called the Rabbi Dabinowitz. You can easily spot a black hat rabbi that is holding a Torah scroll and pointer that is removable. The name he gave this pipe is a play on the marijuana extract smoking process, dabs. Over the years he has made an assortment of glass pipes that can be bought by those looking for a religious themed apparatus. As well as producing these smoking devices, Germ also teaches glass-blowing workshops in many different cities.

The truth is that not all Jewish folk are happy with the menorah bongs and the rabbi glass pipes. However, Yitzchok Adlerstein, an Orthodox rabbi, completely respects this business. After all, "People have been mixing religious metaphors for quite some time, and there is nothing that we purists can do about it.", he said. Besides, "can we keep in mind that the stuff is legal in a few states?”, he continued.

In case you still haven't tried out a Grav Menorah bong, you really don't know what you have been missing.