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Festivus for the Rest of Us

Festivus is a non-secular holiday conceived by the father of Dan O’Keefe, a TV writer for Seinfeld. Dan brought his family’s tradition into the homes of millions by writing it into an episode of Seinfeld in 1997. On the show Frank Costanza, the father of George, created Festivus in opposition to the commercialization of Christmas. This anti-Christmas holiday is to be celebrated on December 23rd. Frank’s Festivus symbol was an unadorned aluminum pole. The holiday begins with a dinner followed by the Airing of Grievances, Feats of Strength and Festivus Miracles. Here are some ideas for throwing a Festivus gathering.

The Theme:

Choose a theme that goes perfectly well with Festivus. Who doesn't love a themed party? You could focus on television characters and decorate the aluminum pole with cannabis stickers so that it fits the theme. Remember to leave the pole very simple. You could also hang pictures of the different strains.

The Food:

The classic meal is a meatloaf on a leaf of lettuce. You can twist it up and get a great cannabis infused recipe for one. Remember to account for everyone’s food preference, you may want to make sure you have the proper strain. If you want your guests moving around then a tasty sativa will do, but if it’s a laid-back party then a nice indica or two will do the trick.

Offering several other dishes would make for a much nor festive event and don’t be scared to get creative. You can expect your guests to have large appetites when the munchies kick in. Some recipes you can try to include are chocolate chip cookies and carrot cake. Have a lot of liquids whether it’s sodas, water, juice or even yogurt. A potluck is a great alternative, this guarantees a plethora of choices for all those that attend.


Have several options because everyone imbibes cannabis differently. It’ll make your guests feel a bit more valued and appreciated for, have bowls, vapes, bongs, blunts and any other alternatives you can think of.

Airing of Grievances:

This aspect of the tradition lets each person take turns complaining about different issues that came up during their year. This can be used to talk about any single issue that any guest disliked. You can add a twist to it and let your guests write down their grievances anonymously on small pieces of paper. The papers should then be shuffled and each person should pick one and try guess who wrote it. The game is flexible meaning the stakes can vary.

Feats of Strength:

Well according to the tradition, the head of the house should pick someone to fight with. Festivus is only declared to be over when he/she is pinned down. After the wrestling is over, you can have the games session. Have a list of games to play like last man standing, categories or just have a stoner movie marathon.

You can create little party favors to be handed out when everyone is leaving. Don’t hesitate to go all out. Remember if you miss out on this one, you’ll have to wait until next year to compensate. So, get into the spirit and get ready to throw a party that none of your friends will ever forget.