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Christmas Themed Cannabis Infused Beverages

Foods infused with cannabis, smelling magical, or a cocktail with an unfamiliar tang, is not new. In fact, from pasta to dessert, cannabis is carving out a suitable place in the kitchen and behind the bar. Marijuana provides an earthy and sometimes pungent flavor to your dish or beverage. As legalized medical and recreational use of cannabis has spread across the country, cannabis lovers have started to apply new applications in the kitchen with marijuana infused cuisine and beverages taking them to the next level.

Cannabis infused beverages and cocktails are fairly new and the holiday traditions they may inspire for you and your loved ones have already become favorites for the savvy cannabis users. No matter whether it is Thanksgiving or Christmas, cannabis infused beverages can add a little extra fun to an already wonderful celebration. If you are planning a holiday party this Christmas, and want to change it up a bit take a peek at these ideas for Christmas themed cannabis infused beverages, they just may make your Christmas that much more enjoyable.

Infused Liquor

Christmas is a time to feast with friends and family. And after having a mind-blowing delicious and more than filling meal, one might want to make sure it is the time is right to enjoy and relish in a nightcap. Cannabis infused vodka might be your choice. Store it in the freezer for an extra cold sensation, shake it with ice to bring out more of the tasty flavors or serve it neat.

Cannabis Syrup/ Cocktail

Cannabis cocktails can be a healthier alternative to an alcohol-based cocktail. Here is a recipe to help you make your cannabis cocktails alcohol-free.


  • 3 cups of water
  • 3 cups of granulated sugar
  • 2 tablespoon of vegetable glycerin
  • 2 grams of good quality cannabis


  • First, boil the water
  • Put the finely chopped cannabis into the boiled water
  • Add the granulated sugar and stir
  • Reduce the temperature and add the glycerin
  • Let the mixture simmer for 5-8 minutes
  • Remove, strain and let it chill in the refrigerator
  • Now the cannabis syrup is ready to serve

This mixture will produce approximately 3 cups of cannabis syrup.

Cannabis Infused Moscow Mule

A Moscow Mule is a classic cocktail using vodka and ginger beer, a naturally sweetened and carbonated, non-alcoholic drink. On Christmas, the Moscow Mule gets infused with cannabis, which will make for a more enjoyable sensation to the taste buds. In this mule will need cannabis syrup, your favorite ginger beer, fresh lime juice, and some fresh grated nutmeg over the top.

Cannabis Infused Chocolate Raspberry Martini

This drink is as delicious as it sounds. Grab some chocolate sauce, fresh raspberries, cream and your cannabis syrup. Muddle your raspberries with the cannabis syrup add the other two ingredients, shake with ice and strain into your martini glass. To take this drink to the next level swirl some of the chocolate sauce around the inside of the martini glass. Talk about a wonderful combination of sweet, tangy and earthy.

Luscious Slash Punch with Cannabis

The fruity, tangy pineapple-strawberry punch is potent enough to refresh the crowd on Christmas Eve. If the crowd includes marijuana lovers, then this fruit punch will definitely provide the punch needed to brighten everyone’s spirits. You will need fresh or canned strawberries and pineapple, cannabis syrup, pineapple juice, a few cinnamon sticks and your favorite cream soda. Add it all together in your holiday punch bowl and enjoy the high.

You do not have to be a cannabis expert to create these and other wonderful holiday nips. Just find a good recipe and tinker with the ingredients to find your new holiday cannabis cocktail. Cannabis infused drinks are becoming the new, hip holiday refreshment.