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Herban Planet, LLC It's almost time for the holiday season, which means holiday parties and cocktails! Step it up this year with these delicious cannabis-infused recipes that will take your party to a higher level, from apple cider margaritas to chocolate martinis!
Cannabis-Infused Cocktails to Welcome the Season

Each year, the holiday season brings an atmosphere charged with excitement and festivity, and it’s about to kick off with Halloween. Halloween is a holiday that allows us to showcase our creativity like no other time of the year, in both our costume and our decoration efforts. For those of us who host holiday parties throughout the season, we get to be creative with our food and beverage choices, too.

The cannabis community has always been a curious bunch, and that extends to our desire to invent new and exotic cannabis-infused creations. One such example: cannabis-infused cocktails.  Usually, you need a fat source like butter or oil to create an effective edible, but nobody wants a cocktail that contains those ingredients. To get around that, cannabis foodies have realized that THC or CBD can be infused in alcohol to make a tincture, which is used to do the trick instead. 

As using Mary Jane becomes a more accepted activity in mainstream society, several restaurants around the country are experimenting with CBD-infused cocktails or special THC-infused dinner events. But if you’d prefer to imbibe at home, take a look at these simple recipes for cannabis-infused booze. They’re an excellent, out-of-the-box way to spice up the holidays. Each of these recipes calls for homemade marijuana-infused alcohol, but you can easily substitute your favorite store-bought THC or CBD tincture (dose as desired). They’ll make a great pairing with the cannabis-infused party snack ideas we shared earlier this week!

Basic Cannabis-Infused Alcohol

This is your basic recipe for cannabis-infused alcohol. Be sure to decarboxylate the cannabis before you add it to the alcohol and don't skip the second heating process, or you won't feel much effect. The other thing to remember is that the longer you let it infuse, the more potent your infused-alchol will be. If you want maximum potency, let it sit for a full month. You can get by in a pinch letting it sit for just a couple of days, but it's much more worthwhile to wait it out.
10 grams decarboxylated, finely ground cannabis
500ml alcohol of choice
1. Combine the alcohol and the cannabis in a sealable glass container and store in a cool, dark, dry place for no less than 48 hours to one month.
2. Boil a large saucepan of water, and move off heat.
3. Place container in saucepan and allow to sit for 30 minutes. 
4. Remove, allow to cool, and pour the liquid through a cheesecloth to remove the finely ground cannabis.
5. Refrigerate and serve as desired. 
Cranberry Rum Punch
This cocktail is fairly easy to make and makes a wonderful addition to any Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas menu. To make it special for Halloween, add a ghoulish garnish of  eyeballs (lychees stuffed with blueberries)!
1 1/2 oz of cannabis-infused white rum
1 1/2 oz cranberry juice
3/4 oz lime juice
1/2 oz ginger simple syrup (or ginger liqueur for an extra boozy drink)
Thinly sliced ginger (for garnish)
Lychees (for garnish)
Blueberries (for garnish)
Combine all ingredients in a shaker and shake until combined. Pour into a highball, garnish with a thin slice of ginger (or the eyeballs for Halloween) and serve. 
Apple Cider Margarita
Margaritas are one of our favorite summer cocktails, so we love experimenting with fall variations. This one utilizes spiced apple cider for a twist on the classic. 
2 oz cannabis-infused tequila
3 oz spiced apple cider
1/2 oz Triple Sec
1/2 oz lime juice
Cinnamon sugar (for garnish)
Apple “skulls” (for garnish)
1. Rim your glass with the cinnamon sugar.
2. Combine ingredients in mixer and shake until combined.
3. For a Halloween-themed garnish, use a melon baller to make some small apple spheres, then use a paring knife to etch skull faces into them. Pour and enjoy!
Maple Bourbon
The kick from the bourbon combined with the sweet maple syrup in this cocktail will leave you feeling warm and cozy inside. It’s perfect for partying it up inside on a chilly night.
2 oz cannabis-infused bourbon
1 1/2 oz orange juice
1/2 oz dark maple syrup (splurge for the good brand)
Orange peel (for garnish)
Combine ingredients in a shaker and pour into glass. Garnish with the orange peel cut into stars  (or pumpkins on Halloween) for an extra festive vibe.
Chocolate Martini
This one is delicious all year round but it tastes especially good during the festive season. Of course, a chocolate cocktail is perfect for Halloween, but it also makes an indulgent addition to any holiday dessert menu.
1/2 oz cannabis-infused vodka
1 oz dark chocolate liqueur
1 oz Kahlua
3/4 oz half-and-half
Chocolate syrup (for garnish)
1. Drizzle or swirl chocolate syrup inside martini glass.
2. Place all ingredients in a shaker and shake continuously for one minute.
3. Pour and serve. 
Now you have enough cannabis-infused cocktail ideas to get you through the holiday season (and keep you baked, too)! And if you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to let your homemade infusion sit, just use some tincture from the dispensary and it’ll work well, too.