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10 Things To Do Stoned In Washington DC

The United States of America is one the freest nations worldwide. With the legalization of marijuana, in 2015, in Washington DC even the smallest restrictions have changed. It allows the people of DC to possess and use cannabis as per personal needs.

Walking through the streets of Washington DC, the nation’s capital, has always pleasing. And now, with marijuana being a choice for your added euphoric pleasure, the city has become more charming and captivating than ever before for those imbibing in Mary Jane. The colossal monuments, memorials, and museums are sites to behold but, check out the following list of places to go and things to do, that are loved by the smokers of Washington DC.

  • As Washington DC is the most diverse city in the nation, naturally one can find its food to be extremely diversified, too. While being amped up with a nice sativa tincture, or puffing away on a portable vape pen, it sure feels good to satisfy the munchies with delicious options that await your culinary journey. The list of cuisine options is long and plentiful. To find the perfect spot for you: decide on your cuisine, your travel parameters and do a quick search on your favorite food search engines. The options will surely be endless. Savory or sweet, your desires will be met.
  • From Bob Marley to Snoop Dogg, all of them have smoked as a medium to amplify their artistic senses. While getting high in Washington DC, if live music is your thing plunge yourself into one of these venues the city has to offer holds 9:30 Club, Blues Alley, Black Cat, and The Hamilton to name a few that will satisfy your musical thirst will be quenched.
  • Washington DC holds interesting monuments and museums, worth the price of admission. Museum lovers can check out The Spy Museum, National Gallery of Art while being stoned. There are many more options for those who would like a nice leisurely stroll through history.
  • Stoners, who are the looking to enjoy a few hour of the national past time can buy standing-room-only tickets for the Washington Nationals. Whether basking in the sun of a day game or sitting under the stars of a night game enjoying a baseball game is an ethereal way to spend one’s high time.
  • Although Washington DC doesn't hold many options for outdoor activities, the Rock Creek Park is the oasis for the stoner's outdoor desires. From horseback riding to a round of golf to touring Fort Stevens, a civil war relic, to visiting the planetarium to name few options that are available here. Enjoying Rock Creek Park can give a full days worth of entertainment.
  • After munching an edible or having few bong rips, it would feel awesome to roam around the labyrinth. And surprisingly, Washington DC holds many labyrinths, where one can easily get lost in fantasizing the world.
  • Stoners who are science nerds, the Einstein Planetarium, situated in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum would be the voyage to jump on. One can avail a trip to the nocturnal skies with telescopic images of the Earth and space.
  • Another center of attraction in Washington DC for stoners is the Hope Float. The floating devices help to release stress and anxiety, as well as relax the mind and body.
  • Some cannabis lovers like to sit on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and watch the magical reflections on the pool, after knocking back few drops of marijuana tincture. The reflecting pool will cast a spell over the mind to hit the trails beyond.
  • On a beautiful spring day, after taking few bong rips or hits from the vape pen, one can enjoy getting high in the incredible atmosphere of the National Zoo. A stoner can roam around the zoo for free and catch a glimpse of a roaring lion or rolling panda.

Whatever your stoned heart desires DC has it waiting for you! Be safe, puff away and most of all enjoy yourself stoned self.